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Making the “Little” Rooms Count

It’s easy to focus on the big stuff — your bedroom, the living room, or the kitchen. Maybe you understand that your home is a collection of rooms that must work together cohesively. You understand that your living room should reflect a sense of beauty and design while remaining functional. Your bedroom is already a sanctuary of peace and rest. However, you also realize that it is easy to neglect the “little,” seemingly insignificant spaces. The guest bathroom. The mud room. The pantry. The laundry room.¬†Yet, these spaces can pack a lot of interior design punch — they can become places you experiment with bold colors and fresh ideas.

Make the “Little” Rooms Count

Depending upon your family’s make-up and the ways in which you live in your home, these little spaces are certainly not as well-used as, say, the dining room. However, they ARE used, and they deserve a unique, creative, cohesive design. Here are a few ideas for making the little rooms in your home count:

1. Use an extra bath room or the laundry room as an excuse to experiment. Try out that shade of color you always wanted but were too scared to try. Employ more trendy design elements. Let us help you find some truly funky details that make the room stand out even more. Small spaces are your opportunity to take risks!

2. Choose unique, unexpected lighting for your small space. Hang a chandelier in your mudroom, or place a unique fixture on either side of your bathroom mirror for a dramatic effect. Doing so will bring an unexpected flair to your small spaces.

3. When selecting a color palette or a design theme, make certain that your little room fits into the context of your house. The design of these little rooms can still be experimental and funky, but continue to aim for cohesiveness and continuity.

4. Don’t overwhelm small spaces with large items. Keep smaller items in small spaces. For example, hang small- to mid-sized pieces of art on the walls. Use small-sized accent furniture. Don’t overwhelm the space with pieces that don’t fit.

5. Remember that focusing on the little spaces will have an impact on your entire home! Even though the little spaces are not the first thing seen, they will be used and explored! They are a part of your home, and they have the power to bring the interiors of your home together.

Decorating small spaces can be a fabulous adventure! Enjoy the details and the journey!

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