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Lessons in Design from Your Pets

Inspiration can come from a variety of unlikely places, ┬áincluding from our pets. Are you a dog or a cat owner? If so, your pets probably provide you with unconditional love and support, daily routines that provide a purpose, and unusual, hilarious stories to share. Our pets enrich our lives. They also provide inspiration when it comes to our home’s interiors. Today, we present you with just a few of the many ways in which they inspire us and give us lessons when it comes to keeping a home.

Our Pets and Our Homes

How, exactly, can owning a pet inspire excellent design within a home? What are a few of the benefits of dog or cat ownership related to a home’s interiors?

1. Our pets encourage us to keep our homes clean. Dogs and cats often make messes daily, depending upon their age and personality. Don’t let messes get out of control, and use your pet as an inspiration to keep every area of your house neat and clean.

2. Owing a pet (particularly a dog) facilitates and inspires proper home organization skills. About four times a day, your dog probably needs to go outside — finding a collar, leash, and treats quickly becomes a necessity for many dog owners. Carry that level of organization into all areas of your home.

3. Pet ownership encourage creativity in the area of interior design. Because our pets require that we select durable and stain resistant pieces, they create limits in the area of design. Limit encourage creativity. You must be creative with the choices in front of you. Endless possibilities often discourage creativity. Limiting choices, though, encourages creative placement and design within your home.

4. Our pets create life within our houses. Rather than merely being a stark showpiece, pets create a warm home environment, filled with family and friends that we meet along the way. They help prevent us from taking ourselves — and our homes — too seriously. They encourage community, and they help us meet our neighbors. Our dogs and our cats provide the means necessary for our homes to take on a warm and comforting environment.

How do your pets inspire you? Do they give you new ideas, new challenges, and unconditional love? Their warm hearts and interesting antics certainly create a homey and fun environment. As you go to design your home, take a lesson in design from your pets.

Choosing a Rug

Rugs can be difficult to purchase for a room in which all of your furniture is already purchased and placed. Picking a pattern, size, and type of rug is among one of the most difficult decisions. Interior design websites and magazines make rug decisions and placement seem effortless — entire rooms match and pieces work together seamlessly, creating beautifully designed rooms that accomplish their purposes unquestionably well.

Adding to the selection difficulty is the reality that in many Southwest Florida homes, including several rugs in main living areas would be the smart thing to do. Rugs are beneficial in this area because so many homes favor tile, bamboo, or engineered hardwood flooring. These types of floors make homes more livable and less prone to allergens, mildew and mold (which tend to fester and grow in our humid climate). A well-placed rug with a great design can make this type of environment more livable, cozier, and more pleasing for its inhabitants.

How to Choose?

When you scour the internet and shop in many stores, it is difficult to determine which rugs will resist stains, hold up to wear and tear, AND look great in your living space. What is the right size? What is the right color? What is the right material? It can be almost impossible to settle on a rug, all factors being equal. Here are a few tips for choosing a rug.

1. Resist the urge to bargain shop on rugs. Select a quality rug as an investment — with high quality rugs, you can custom order the size you want in the color (or colors) you want. These types of rugs are thick, will not pull up around the edges, and will stand the test of time.

2. Purchase a high quality, custom non-stick rug pad, preferably in a felt-type material. Some sticky, plastic rug pads are prone to mold and mildew. Additionally, because of high humidity levels, they often permanently affix themselves to the floor. Again, choose quality over convenience. Longer lasting rug pads will also protect your rug and lengthen its life.

3. Choose a rug based on usage and need. If at all possible, if your living spaces are going to get a lot of traffic, you have children or animals and you anticipate disappointment if your rug were to get dirty or stained, choose a washable rug that you can take outside and hose off. If you have a room functioning as a show piece, choose a more stylized rug that stands out and represents a work of art.

If you need help choosing a rug, give us a call. We would be happy to help you!

Take It One Room at a Time

Buying a new (or used, dated) home is overwhelming in and of itself. Getting to that closing date takes a lot of work, energy, and (dare I say?) a few tears. After purchasing the home or condominium, though, you will begin to realize that your work has just begun. Decorating a home to your taste does not have to be a long, arduous process. Just take it one room at a time.

Taking your home’s decor one room at a time takes discipline, but depending upon your budget, this can be an important and necessary ideal. Why? Well, here are just a few of the many compelling reasons to decorate slowly.

1. Going room by room, making wise decisions as you go, ensures that you will get exactly what you want out of your home. Your home will serve your purposes and meet your goals. Rather than choosing to do everything at once, you will be able to think through each one of your rooms independently of the other, answering the question, “What do I want this room to accomplish?”

2. Taking things one room at a time will provide you with the opportunity to invest in pieces rather than just getting by with affordable items. As you make the decision to address various rooms and decorate slowly, you will be able to plan for major purchases, investing in well-built couches that fit your frame and your needs, rugs that resist staining and can even be hosed off outside if some disaster occurs, and lovely, unique wall paper installed professionally.

3. Decorating slowly, room by room, requires an amount of discipline, meaning that you have to consider and decide upon a theme that must run throughout the entirety of the home. Though you may not get there overnight, your end goal — in terms of the look and the theme — must and shall remain consistent in order to achieve a unified existence.

As you decorate, you may or may not decide to take your home one room at a time — that is okay. We want to help you reach your end goals no matter what your time frame may be. Give us a call! We would love to listen and help support you as you decorate your new place!

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