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Task Furniture

When you consider the amount of time you spend working on your home computer, what comes to mind? Do you look forward to spending time in your home office? Or do you begrudgingly saunter down to complete tasks? Does your chair give you aches and pains, or are you comfortable in it for hours on end? Does your home desk bring you joy every time you see it, or was it salvaged from your parents’ basement? In my experience at the Fall Furniture Market in High Point, North Carolina, I enjoyed viewing all of the new designs in the area of task furniture.

What, exactly, is task furniture? Task furniture encompasses any furniture you might place in a home office. Additionally, it can refer to a small desk or comfortable chair you might utilize during the day to complete your work. It is specifically designed to be used for many hours and to help the user maintain a comfortable seated position.

Investing in Task Furniture

Why is it important to invest in high quality task furniture?

1. High quality task furniture increases the desirability of utilizing this type of furniture. Imagine entering your home office and truly enjoying spending time being there! Placing pleasing furniture in that room accomplishes that particular goal.

2. High quality task furniture decreases injuries related to sitting for long hours. Purchasing a high quality chair is essential for those using home offices for many hours at a time.

3. Many pieces related to tasks and offered by Decorating Den Interiors incorporate high quality design. The wide range of options we are pleased to offer our clients make beauty and design feasible goals for any in-home office. These pieces incorporate the latest trends and provide pleasing colors and interesting features related to design.

What characterizes your in-home office? Do you enjoy spending time there? If you are searching to increase the usability of your in-home office, there is no better way to do so than investing in high quality pieces of task furniture. Contact us for more information related to task furniture.

Personalizing Furniture: A Theme at High Point Market

Themes in Interior Design

As we continue to pursue excellence in the area of interior design, we would like to share with you some of the themes we saw at the Fall Furniture Market in High Point, North Carolina. We attended this amazing interior design show last month. Here are a few of the themes we noticed.

  • Mixing of colors and designing your own furniture. The personalization of furniture was a major theme for this year’s market. Selecting details, fabrics, etc. for pieces of furniture creates lots of options for making pieces your own. Providing homeowners with more choice and the ability to be sure their room design and furnishings will not be like their friend’s or neighbor’s was a common theme in showrooms and in discussions with home furnishings representatives. Consumers also now have the ability to select furniture fabric, arm styles, legs, back styles, tailoring, dimensions, and other features and benefits.
  • Desire for American-made and eco-friendly products. Many people seeking to purchase furniture and invest in interior design also seek out environmentally friendly materials and furniture and pieces made in the United States.

The High Point Market is made up of 11.5 million square feet in 180 buildings and draws some 75,000 exhibitors and buyers. I covered a lot of territory in five long days!

The benefits of American-made were clearly evident in my visit to the Kincaid Furniture facilities in Hudson and Taylorsville, N.C. Seeing the care and individual expertise used to make these case-goods and upholstered furniture was eye-opening. As two employees were setting up their machine for the next products to be made, I asked one how they measured for the different settings. “It comes from 24 years of experience,” he said, “with a proud smile on his face.” I was told that these craftsmen and women know their own tape measure intimately—they know exactly whether the precise measurement is on the line or to the left or right.

Buyers at the market were clearly interested in knowing what products were American made so they can definitively inform consumers. It was wonderful to see that some manufacturers have persisted and others are returning to our shores for production.

Our Meeting with Libby Langdon

While at High Point!

While at the Fall Furniture Market in High Point, North Carolina, I had the unique opportunity to meet with designer, author and television personality Libby Langdon. During our meeting, I was able to discuss Langdon’s new line of upholstered furniture being manufactured by Braxton Culler Inc. and available through Decorating Den Interiors. I am so excited about this new line and the ways in which I can incorporate it into client proposals.

Libby’s New Line

I would describe Libby’s new line of furniture as easy, elegant and everyday style. Gorgeous fabrics, beautiful finishes, comfortable, down-blend cushions and quality construction are hallmarks of the affordably priced collection– encompassing sofas and chairs, ottomans, benches, dining chairs and headboards. The entire collection is being produced with pride in Sophia, North Carolina by Braxton Culler a service-oriented, fourth-generation, family owned furniture company. I am really excited that her line is made in the United States!

A veteran of makeover television, Langdon’s entrance into homes across the country and thousands of one-on-one conversations with consumers in their personal living spaces have afforded her invaluable insights into how homeowners really live, along with what they really want.

I am looking forward to incorporating Libby’s new designs and furniture into my clients’ interior design plans, when it fits in with my clients’ needs and unique styles. Libby’s furniture reflects her affinity for high quality, progressive designs. Her line is reasonably priced, and can fit into most budgets. Contact me to see samples!

Article in Florida Sun Magazine

We are so passionate about interior design, and when it comes to meeting the needs of our clients, we love to see projects through and make our clients happy! The goal of interior design should be to make a house into a home, and for that home to reflect the personalities and stories of the people in it. The home should accomplish the owner’s goals as well — to be a place for entertaining or raising children or expressing their own unique style.

As we continue to design other’s homes, we are able to provide a few unique characteristics to our clients. What, exactly, do we do that is unique in terms of the interior design industry? What makes us stand out?

The Naples Decorating Den Team

As a team, we are unique:

  • We are both multi-lingual. We speak German, French, and English. Claudia grew up in Germany, and she was recently featured in FLORIDA SUN Magazine, a German magazine for German nationals visiting or residing in Florida. (picture of the article is above.)
  • We are a husband and wife team. We combine our strengths in order to present our clients with the best finished product possible. Claudia loves to dream and envision — Joe is all about the details.
  • We have a family. We understand the importance of family, family history, and functionality related to design.
  • We listen. We want to reflect YOU — rather than our own tastes or style, our desire is to customize our interior designs in order to meet your unique needs and reflect your unique style.

What We Offer German Clients

As a Naples based interior design firm, we are able to offer our German clients the ability to completely redesign their Southwest Florida residents with an eye for German sensibilities. We value high quality furniture and interiors. Our goal is to reflect our German clients’ unique needs and values, and this includes completing projects — even when our clients are not necessarily in the area. Because we speak the language and have a personal understanding of the German culture, we are able to assist our clients in a very unique way.

Interior Design and the Economy

It’s no secret that the economy has impacted almost every industry throughout the United States. The current economic milieu has impacted the decisions Americans make regarding purchases, lifestyle choices, and savings rates. If the economy has impacted every area of our lives, how, then has it specifically impacted the area of interior design? In other words, what are some of the ways in which Americans have changed their perspective on what they put into their homes?

Changes in Interior Design

The economy has shifted people’s choices related to interior design. As we continue to help people pursue their unique visions and needs for their homes, to we find it interesting to notice these types of shifts.

  • A view towards investment. Those clients that we work with have shifted their perspective regarding interiors. They are searching to invest rather than pursue instant gratification. We have seen people take interior design more slowly in favor of investing in pieces rather than simply spending for the sake of finishing their home’s design quickly.
  • A shift towards high quality pieces. People are currently in favor of high quality pieces — they place a high value on quality rather than on quantity. If they are going to spend the money on home furnishings, they want to do it right.
  • A shift towards American made goods. With the shift in the economy, many are moving towards purchasing American made goods rather than goods manufactured elsewhere. This shift has encouraged many manufacturing companies to reconsider their production locations.
  • A shift towards minimalism. Rather than purchasing increased quantities and clutter for the home, many people are choosing to forego spending money and pursuing savings for larger purchases instead.

How has the economy changed the way you make decisions regarding your home’s interiors? Have you shifted the way you think about what you put in your home?

The High Point Market!

In October, we had  the unique opportunity of attending the Home Furnishings Market at High Point, North Carolina. As members of Decorating Den, one of the largest buyer groups from a single company attending the event, we received special showroom and furniture factory tours throughout the event. We got to tour the market before anyone else! Decorating Den is North America’s largest home furnishings and interior design franchise company. More than 90 franchise owners came together from all over the country, to take advantage of these special tours offered to us at the Home Furnishings Market.

Furniture at the Market

One of my favorite aspects of the market at High Point was furniture — we had the unique opportunity to discover trends in furniture manufacturing and design, as well as the ways in which pieces can be uniquely situated within various rooms. Typically, our design presentations are made in the customer’s home or office, so it is very educational for us to personally visit the showrooms of our suppliers. As a result of meeting personally with vendors and viewing their factories, we become more educated on aspects of products we offer.

 Highlights and Trends at the Market

I always love attending the market, as I get to connect with lots of other interior designers around the country. I had the opportunity to tour the showroom and asks questions of the vendors. Here are a few more of my personal highlights, along with the trends I observed:

  • I got to spend time with nationally known interior designer and TV celebrity Libby Langdon at the Braxton Culler showroom. (More on that soon!)
  • We toured the case-goods and upholstery furniture manufacturing facilities of Kincaid Furniture Company. It was eye opening to see how the furniture was made!
  • I saw lots of details and customization on many items. Home interiors express the lives of the people that live in the homes themselves — vendors are embracing this trend and incorporating it into their creations.
  • I noticed how many vendors are embracing bold color! These colors can be used as personal expressions within people’s homes.

I enjoyed my time at the market, and I would love to share my findings with you!

Home is Where Your Heart Is

Great interior design should have one result — an ultimate goal, if you will — that you LOVE your home! In short, your beautifully designed masterpiece should create a sense of well being, peace, and effectiveness throughout the time you spend in your home. What is home anyway?

1. Home is where your heart is. Your home should be the mother ship — the center of ideas, the place to which you always return, a building in which you feel absolutely comfortable. As you seek to design beautiful spaces within your home, you should put your heart and soul into that design, and in the end, you should be completely excited about the result.

2. Home is where you are known. Your house should contain pieces of yourself. When someone walks into your house, they should understand a bit about who you are and what you value. Incorporate family heirlooms, important pieces of your history, relics that represent relationships, and other details into the interior design of your house as you create a unified look.

3. Home is where you lay your head. Your house represents the place in which you “recharge your batteries,” so to speak. It is a place of rest and relaxation. Comprised of several rooms, there should be spaces in your home in which you can sit for a bit, read a book, drink some tea, and feel completely at ease and at rest. Your home’s bedrooms should be totally relaxed, free from electronics, comfortable, and free from clutter in order that  you and your family might rest — totally and completely each night.

Great interior design, then, has the above ideas in mind. Whether you are attempting to make your home more artful and increase the level of design — or whether you are trying to improve your home’s functionality — your house should, in the end, become a home following the interior design process. What are a few things you might like to do to create beautiful design with these ideas of home in mind?

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