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Trendspotter: Eclectic Interiors

This year, your home will be about YOU! As you plan for various improvements to your home this year, we encourage you to follow our “Trendspotter” series, in which we explore and explain trends in interior design. We have written about personalized home interiors, and the ways in which manufacturers are giving increased choice and opportunities for personalization to interior designers and their clients. Certainly, this represents a fantastic trend in the world of interior design. Beyond this trend, though, is a movement towards an appreciation for eclectic viewpoints regarding interior design.

In terms of what designers are saying about 2013, many are taking varied viewpoints about what will trend upwards throughout the year. We recently came across a Wall Street Journal article in which many designers were asked what they felt would trend during 2013, and the results were varied: designers liked different things for the new year — a variety of color combinations, a variety of viewpoints regarding the use of color, different perspectives regarding trends in furniture, the increased use of glamorous “chinz,” the use of patterned flooring, and varied inclinations for what they believed clients would enjoy in the year ahead. In short, this term “eclectic,” when referring to interior design, means that anything goes! It provides for a level of freedom in terms of design and beauty.

What does this trend towards the eclectic mean for our Decorating Den clients? We continue to stay client centered, while researching these varied trends — we look into what other designers are doing, and what our vendors are developing. We seek to educate our clients on what various trends could mean for their home’s interiors, while maintaining a vision for consistency, elegance, beauty, and cohesiveness. While we continue to focus on clients’ personalities and stylistic preferences, we celebrate a sense of the eclectic, a love of patterns, and the use of color as a powerful tool. To us, this trend towards eclectic interiors and freedom in interior design validates what we continue to do on a daily basis: provide for our clients and reflect their needs and personalities within their own homes.

Welcome Sarah Naples!

We are pleased to announce the addition of a new member of the Decorating Den interior design team. Here in lovely Naples, Florida, we are so excited to welcome Sarah Naples (yes, that is her real last name) to our interior design firm!

Growing up in Naples, Sarah has always enjoyed the best of what the Southwest Florida area has to offer, including spending afternoons at the beautiful white sand beaches, shopping in and around town, and spending time with close friends and family. Throughout her life, she has also cultivated an eye for design. In her current Old Florida residence (a stilt home built in the 1960s), Sarah enjoys finding unique, antique-type pieces and placing them in just the right spot to garner the optimum level of attention. Her home is a place of peace and rest with a defined style, and she hopes to help our clients find the same level of peace and rest in their own homes as they exhibit their own style and personality.

Sarah has spent her career supporting web marketing efforts, writing website content, providing assistance in a variety of capacities, supporting organizational efforts, and planning and executing events within various organizations. We are pleased to have her join our team, and so excited for the level of experience and professionalism she brings to Decorating Den. Her bright smile, poise, positive attitude, and hard working nature is contagious! We are already having a lovely time together in the office after only several weeks.

As we introduce all of our clients to Sarah, we are confident you will love working with her as well. She will be guiding our client ordering efforts, helping with organizational tasks within the office, and assisting in client meetings, among many other things. We look forward to introducing you personally to Sarah Naples. Please join us in extending her a warm welcome!

Trendspotter: Geometric Prints

Do you enjoy keeping up to date with current trends and incorporating these trends into your home environment? Keeping updated on trends certainly takes some work (reading, scouring the internet, spending lots of time on Pinterest). We are pleased to bring you another edition of Decorating Den’s “Trendspotter,” in which we alert you to burgeoning interior design trends. Geometric prints have influenced many new interior design products, furniture, and features available for homes.

Geometric Prints

What, exactly, defines geometric prints?

1. Straight, cohesive, prints evocative of figures one might see in a high school math textbook. Many straight lines, circular objects, and other geometric-type shapes coalesce in these types of interiors.

2. Bold colors (often) or blacks, whites, and grays. Lots of bold colors and interesting, unexpected color combinations are popping up in geometric interiors, though some feature only blacks, whites, and grays.

3. Balanced, congruent shapes with permutations possible (think modern art). Many geometrics have repeating patterns; others draw upon modern art and feature seemingly random shapes and lines.

How to Incorporate the Trend Into Your Home

These geometric prints making their way into interiors draw upon the world of fashion. Geometric prints continue to be featured on the runway, straight from the world’s top fashion design houses. How are these types of prints being incorporated into interiors? Here are just a few ways we would suggest incorporating this trend into your own home:

1. A flat weave rug. (Yes — we featured flat weave rugs earlier this month in another edition of “Trendspotter.) Flat weave rugs are a great way to feature geometric prints in your home without making TOO big of a commitment. Cost-effective and available in a variety of sizes, flat weave geometric rugs are available in a range of prices and colors.

2. Master bedroom bedding. Utilize bold geometric prints to create an oasis within the master bedroom of your home. Many geometrics are available in duvet covers, accent pillows, etc. making incorporating this trend in your bedroom feasible.

3. A side chair. A custom size chair in a geometric print can create a focal point for any room. Select bold colors that mesh with your existing furniture.

We would love to tell you more about the ways in which you can incorporate geometric prints within your own home. Give us a call!

Defining Your Goals in the New Year

What are your goals for this new year? As 2012 draws to a close and we journey into the new year, what are a few things you would like to accomplish over the next 12 months? How do you plan to spend this year? More specifically, what are some things about your home you would like to improve upon? Each new year is an opportunity to begin again, to define the goals you have for your home (and your life), and push forward towards those goals.

Creating Realistic, Attainable Goals for Your Home

As we move together into the year 2013, here are just a few tips we have for creating a set of realistic, attainable goals for your home’s interiors:

1. Begin by prioritizing. If you are like most families, you could rapidly list off an extensive laundry list of home improvement tasks. The real task is not necessarily listing off the things you would like to do to your home — rather, it involves prioritizing these tasks from first to last. Think through the exact order, and discuss why this order is significant.

2. Create a home improvement budget. Yes, you might like to purchase new couches and select a rug for your living room, and you might also like to install light fixtures, wall paper, and new window treatments. How will you budget for these items? Plan for these improvements, and work towards saving for them by a specific date. That way, you will be able to clearly define how much you would like to spend on these items and by what date you would like to complete these projects.

3. Consult with a professional interior designer. Consider the possibility of consulting with a professional. An interior designer will be able to give you a realistic understanding of pricing and help you consider your overall style, as well as the overall direction you would like to take for your home’s interiors.

We would love to help you define your goals for your home in 2013 and assist you in accomplishing these goals. Give us a call for a free in-home consultation or with any questions you might have.

Happy New Year!

From the team at Decorating Den, we would like to wish each and every one of our friends and family a very Happy New Year! As you wave goodbye to 2012 and welcome in 2013, we reflect on the blessings of this past year and look forward to the year ahead. At Decorating Den, we love to celebrate the New Year. Why?

1. It marks the end of the holiday season, as well as the beginning of our busy season here in Southwest Florida. We love the season here! Yes, it is busy, and yes, our town grows more crowded. But, it gives us the unique opportunity to connect with several of our past and present seasonal clients personally. And we love that!

2. It gives us the unique opportunity to look back and count our blessings. We are so thankful for the 2012 year — it was a year of growth, creativity, and accomplishing more than we ever thought possible! We developed new relationships, and we had the opportunity to hire on an interior design assistant to help us increase our range of services and ability to take on new clients.

3. The coming of the New Year affords us the chance to look ahead. With the coming of 2013, we look forward, define our goals together, and look for areas of growth. We look forward to identifying trends, helping clients understand their own stylistic preferences, and accomplish their own specific goals for their home’s interiors.

How will you celebrate the New Year? Will you look around yourself, count your blessings, set goals for the future, and enjoy spending time with loved ones? What traditions do you have as a family? As an individual? Make this New Year count!

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