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Corporate Visitors to Decorating Den

We were so pleased to welcome Jim and Carol Bugg, corporate owners of Decorating Den, to our Naples office earlier this month. Their visit commemorated our receipt of two Southwest Florida Decorating Den designations [Business Owner of the Year, Top Sales (Individual, Developing Franchise Owner)]. We would like to thank them for visiting us, and we look forward to another wonderful year of growth as we support and serve our clients.

Trendspotter: Textured Wallpapers

Craving the look and feel of a cabin in the woods, rustic nautical cottage, exposed brick facade, or vintage tin tiles? Without spending thousands upon thousands of dollars to create this look using natural materials, this look can become a reality within your home! Maybe you enjoy changing up your look, or maybe you know exactly what you want, but do not like the hefty price tag and dusty mess associated with it! Textured wallpapers are all the rage right now, and they are available in a wide range of prints — plus, they look incredibly real, with depth and relief galore, even though they are as flat as any other traditional wallpaper. Genius!

Incorporating This Trend in Your Home

Is this a trend you would like to incorporate into your home? Here are just a few of our suggestions:

1. These wallpapers are best used on just one wall of your home. Maybe you want an entire “wood paneled” room. Just start with one wall. Though these papers look real, it is important to use them sparingly.

2. These papers are permanent. Though they can be changed out and are considerably less expensive than the real thing (stone, brick, panels, etc.), they still represent an investment into your home’s interiors.

3. Select these fake facades with the help of a professional interior designer so things will not end up looking cheesy or disjointed but rather consistent, cohesive and “wow”.

This trend is oh-so-much fun! We would love to show you some of the many papers available out there!


What Do I Do Now?

“What am I supposed to do?” is a question our clients ask of us a lot. You’ve had us over, and we have discussed your needs, stylistic preferences, and anticipated budget for any given project. We have provided you with a proposal, and we have worked together to create something that will fit within your desires and needs. At this point, it is easy to get anxious, and wonder to do with all of your free time, waiting to order, waiting on orders, waiting on installations, etc. What to do…what to do…

Refuse to Make the Biggest Mistake Ever

At this point, many people (even after they have hired a designer and approved the work), are tempted to go shopping for home interiors. They believe in the importance of looking around at what is currently available at ever popular discount retailers. Why is this such a mistake?

1. You have hired a designer to save you from the hassle of shopping. This is one of the main reasons people hire a designer in the first place — they are unable to find the exact collection of items that fit together within a specific room of their home. Hiring an interior designer should save you precious, valuable time searching for things that really don’t fit, but because they are such a good deal, seem to work. Right? Wrong!

2. You are hurting the value of the end result. Placing pieces that you find into a room that an interior designer has put together is a mistake. It compromises the integrity of the design itself — a design that has taken hard work and precious time to put together.

3. You are compromising your relationship with your interior designer. Your interior designer has your best interests at heart, and he or she has committed to working within your budget. Why compromise this relationship by shopping for items that may not work within the design itself?

4. You hired a professional for a reason. You hired a professional interior designer to put together a functional room that fits within your own stylistic preferences and works within your budget. This is a person that understands home interiors — they know what will work visually and functionally, and they know what will last. They have a vision for investing in YOU and your home.

Don’t mistake us — we LOVE to shop! We advocate shopping at anytime for any reason. But please, after you have hired a professional interior designer and approved a plan, do not — we repeat, DO NOT — compromise the end result of the interior design process by taking “quick trips” to home interiors retailers “just to see what’s available.”

2012 Decorating Den Designations

We are pleased to announce two designations Decorating Den has received for the 2012 year in the Southwest Florida region:

1. 2012 Business Owner of the Year

2.2012 Top Sales by an Individual (Developing Franchise Owners)

These designations come as a result of our commitment and dedication to meeting the needs of our clients. Our goal and desire is to create interiors that reflect our clients’ stylistic preferences, functional needs, and budget requirements.

Our Process

Are you considering hiring an interior designer to tackle a room in your home? What are some of your top priorities in your home in terms of interiors, furniture, look and feel? What look do you want to create? What about your home do you love? What are some things that you would change? These are just a few of the questions we begin to ask as we meet with clients for the first time. As we work together, we develop a sense of what your priorities are and the ways in which we can meet your needs. Here is what makes usĀ  unique as a design firm:

1. We do not design in a specific style. Rather, we design interiors that match your style.

2. We do your shopping for you. After discussions, approvals, and creating a cohesive look and feel, we begin to put everything together. DO NOT shop after you have made the decision to work with us. We will do all the work for YOU, and any shopping that you do may result in a room that is not cohesive, but rather, disjointed. Southwest Florida has so much to offer – we believe you can spend your valuable time more meaningful than schlepping from one furniture showroom to the next agonizing over the right sofa or accessory.

3. We develop lasting relationships. Our desire is to get to know you and work together for the long term. Whatever your budget may be for any given job, room, or piece of furniture, our desire is your complete satisfaction.

We are so pleased to be able to meet the needs of our clients and to develop meaningful relationships with them. We are looking forward to continued growth and success for the 2013 year!

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