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Lunch with Libby Langdon!

Being an interior decorator can look very glamorous from a cursory glance. We get to see the latest and greatest trends, we play with fabric all day and watch amazing bland to glam transformations of our clients home. But what you don’t see are the hours of tedious design work, the items that come in with the wrong wood stain or the fabric that shows up flawed, the truck that somehow disappears for days with a large order that is scheduled to be delivered to a client. These pull-out-your-hair, bite-your-nails, develop-an-ulcer moments are a big part of the job so when a truly glamorous moment (such as meeting a TV celeb) comes around we get really excited!

Yesterday we had the opportunity to attend a lunch with Libby Langdon as the speaker. Her humor and understanding of the industry were endearing to say the least. She shared before and after photos from her show, Small Space, Big Style as well as from her private client homes. Her charisma and “can do” attitude were inspiring and made for such a wonderful event!


She never stops smiling!


The audience was captivated and engaged.


Photo op with Libby!


Go grab her new book, Libby Langdon’s Small Space Solutions



Assistant Sarah jumped in a photo too!

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