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How Quality Effects the Cost of Custom Window Treatments

Many decorators and their customers ask “why are custom draperies & window treatments so expensive?” A lot of times the client doesn’t understand what they are paying for. They find an exquisite fabric that is extremely expensive, and then can’t understand why the labor to fabricate the window treatment is in their eyes-over priced. This article should give you some insight to what really goes into turning that piece of fabric into beautiful fixtures in your home. It will give you detailed information about the thought that goes into drapery design, fabrication, and motorization that might help designers, and potential clients get a better handle on the costs of having custom window treatments made for the home. Read the rest of this entry »


“Like so much else in life, luxury is relative. When it comes to interior design, the concept is often invoked, but its meaning can take many forms.” These words for ELLEDECOR Magazine’s “Luxury Survey” have made us reflect on what luxury means to us. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner there is no better time to delve into the concept of luxury.

Probably most homeowners would agree with ELLEDECOR’s findings that 68% of respondents said “quality beats everything else in determining what constitutes true luxury.” However, that begs the question: What is quality?

Is quality using high-end materials? Great craftsmanship? Is it exclusivity or brand recognition? Obviously these things play a role in quality but for quality to truly lend itself to luxury we argue there is an additional element. True luxury is a feeling. It is personal and should make you feel special! So, luxurious touches might be a certain fabric that transforms when upholstered onto your great-grandmothers chair or turns a plain window into something extraordinary with window treatments. It might be the addition of badly needed accessories or a lush rug that defines your space and pulls a room together. When these things make you feel something special we have taken quality and turned it into luxury!

Call us when you are ready for a touch of luxury in your life!

The Best Interior Decorating Blogs to Read and Follow

Best Interior Decorating Blogs

The Best Interior Decorating Blogs to Read and Follow

So, why should you follow an interior designer?

Well, there are many reasons for this; but mainly, it is because they are the people who can help make the dreams you want for your home a reality. Most people don’t consider interior designing to be that important, but that is not entirely true. Designers have an open-minded view of the space and give special attention to details, which is why an average person can’t see the importance of it.

Here are our top 8 interior designer blogs that you should follow.

1. Coco + Kelly: Interior trends, aspirational wish lists, and beautiful images that call out what’s working to make recreating the look a snap. Cassandra Lavalle’s glam-femme style extends to interior design, tabletops, travel, food, and more in her blog Coco + Kelley.

2. Emily A. Clark: Simple design ideas, affordable projects, and personal posts. This approachable decorating blog, run by probably the most stylish mom of five around, Emily A. Clark, is full of the type of inspiration that actually feels actionable. It makes sense: Clark started the blog when she was deep in the redesign process of her own family home.

3. Lark & Linen: Toronto-based interior designer Jacquelyn Clark’s blog, Lark & Linen, is like a comforting snuggle in ultra-cozy down bedding. Its aesthetic and tone is reliably soft, peaceful, and pretty.

4. Dwell: Dwell is a good website wherein you can see lots of interior design ideas made by them. At Dwell, they spend lots of effort with every photo they make, which is why we got them on this spot. If you are looking for inspirations, then this will be perfect for you.

5. Design*Sponge: Design*Sponge is a design blog run by Brooklyn-based writer, Grace Bonney. This is a very interesting blog and it is updated from 6 to 8 times per day. Also, it was declared a “Martha Stewart Living for the Millennials” by The New York Times. If you love reading anything about designing, then this is perfect for you!

6. Apartment Therapy: This website has lots of interesting articles in it. Apartment Therapy has a goal of connecting people to the resources they need to improve their homes, while reducing their reliance on stuff. This is a must-see website if you want to improve your home.

7. Houzz: Houzz is a place to browse and save beautiful home photos, a place to find the right design and construction professionals, and a place to connect with others who have been there too. If you are looking for inspirations and ideas for your homes, this is a place worth looking.

8. High Fashion Home Blog: This is the place for idea sharing to make decorating your home a little easier. Whether you are the world’s greatest interior designer, aspiring decorator, or a hopeless amateur, this a meeting ground to share passion for the home.


Even if you don’t read every update to each blog, a concerted effort to stay current will put you in position to achieve interior design success as your remodeling projects grows.

Would you add any other trusted design blogs to this list? Which ones?

About Claudia Leah

While beautiful interiors are Claudia’s top priority, client relationships and efficient processes are her specialty. Her approach to luxury interior decorating saves her SWFL clients time and money, while skillfully blending patterns, color, and furniture to create fresh and award winning home designs.

Please contact Claudia Leah today at 239-431-5936 to schedule an appointment for homes in Napes, Marco Island, Bonita Springs and Estero, Florida.

The Look: Summer Chic

We have another article in Your Home Magazine! This link takes you to the online version of the magazine where you can peruse at your leisure. For the July issue we were asked to talk about summer style. Here in southwest Florida we embrace “summer chic” year round. Read the article below to find out how to pull this style together and prevent an overly “beachy” look. We aim to give our clients a cohesive look rather than matchy-matchy. If you need help with a summer chic look in your home give us a call!

Get the Look

Mid-Century Modern

Hi, all! It has been quite busy around the studio but we are starting the year off strong! This month’s issue of Your Home magazine featured our article on Mid-century modern style. This link takes you to the online version of the magazine where you can peruse at your leisure. Our next article will be featured in March and will cover Asian influences on style. As always, our aim is to share industry trends and give you ways to take your home from “now” to “wow”! Give us a call if you need help with the “wow” factor!


mid-century mod

High Point Review

The Fall High Point Market was a few weeks ago and boy do we have some fun things to share! High Point is the place we go to see the latest and greatest from our vendors. Here are some trends we noticed during market:

  • Mid-century modern is making a statement in a big way.
  • Metallics are holding steady in the mix of deep, rich colors. Think deep jewel tones mixed with brass and copper.
  • Large scale prints are all over the place, so are velvets!

Here are some fun pics from the trip (yes, a picture with Barclay Butera was a highlight!).

Paint Quality From the Pros

Blog graphic - paint


Sherwin-Williams recently published an article in their Stir magazine titled “The Secrets to Quality Paint”. As a leader in the industry, Sherwin-Williams carries some clout when they speak about quality. Let’s be honest, painting is an investment. It takes time, money and labor and, as always, we want to invest in quality products.

Obviously better ingredients lend itself to better performance as well as longevity and this article really broke down what goes into each can of SW paint. Paint is made up of four ingredients: pigment, binders, liquids, and additives. Good paint contains more prime pigments, offering better hide and color retention. Binders provide adhesion and helps to resist cracking, blistering and peeling. Binders affect everything from stain resistance to gloss and adhesion. Latex paints contain acrylic binders, while oil paints contain linseed oil, soya oil or alkyds. The liquid is the “carrier” to help get the paint from the can to the wall. Lower quality paint is going to be “watered down”. Additives are those extra ingredients that help with specific functions. With the right additives you can have better flow, leveling, dry time and extended storage. You can even help reduce odors already present in a room.

Whether you are painting a front door or a wall, when shopping for paint, you want to really take each ingredient into consideration and know that what you put on your wall is going to do its job and last! We love Sherwin-Williams colors and our painters love using it! When helping clients with a paint consult it is one of the main decks we use. Color is our passion! Give us a call if you need help choosing quality paint color in your home!

Trend Spotter: The Garden Stool

Stool - styled  What’s not to love about the garden stool? Practical and eye catching at the same time, this little piece is a hot item! It comes in every color imaginable and so, so many styles. Garden stools are an extremely affordable way to add a bit of whimsy, that pop of color, a bit of charm…really, just about any style you are aiming for can be found in a garden stool! Here are some that we love (notice our obsession with metallics lives on)!

    metalic garden stool stool - Blue Stool - yellow Stool - Melon Stool - Gold Stool- Metallic

Are you looking for just the right garden stool and needing help to pull together a style that works for you? Give us a call!

Worry Free Living

TY_Email_May2014_09We love cake, and now you don’t need to worry about keeping that sugary confection away from your upholstery! Stain resistant, low maintenance fabrics with Sunbrella & Crypton technology offer kid-friendly, pet-friendly and all around worry free living. With so many fabric designs and options, spill proof has never looked so good.

Living in Southwest Florida we know the benefits of using Sunbrella fabrics outside to protect from sun fading and humidity induced mold. Moving this fabulous fabric inside makes sense and now that the design options are nearly endless, there is no reason why upholstered items (ottomans, sofas, dining chairs, etc.) shouldn’t be protected from the elements inside as well as out!

Need help finding the perfect fabric? Give us a call.

TY_Email_May2014_10 TY_Email_May2014_11

A Quick Way to Update a Bathroom!

Frame your mirrors. It’s so simple but it packs a punch! This is one of our favorite ways to jazz up bathroom mirrors. Whether you are renovating a bathroom or just looking to add a bit of elegance this is the product of your dreams! It gives new life to cracked edges and aging mirrors as well as transforms a blah space to something stylish. With so many styles and colors you will be sure to find something to your liking. Not only is this a quick fix but it is oh, so affordable. Rather than replacing an old mirror which can carry a hefty price tag, not to mention the very real possibility of requiring some major wall repair once it is ripped out, adding a frame makes a dramatic statement and is easy on the wallet! If your bathroom needs a quick and affordable update, call us for this fabulous product!

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 12.51.54 PM




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