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How Quality Effects the Cost of Custom Window Treatments

Many decorators and their customers ask “why are custom draperies & window treatments so expensive?” A lot of times the client doesn’t understand what they are paying for. They find an exquisite fabric that is extremely expensive, and then can’t understand why the labor to fabricate the window treatment is in their eyes-over priced. This article should give you some insight to what really goes into turning that piece of fabric into beautiful fixtures in your home. It will give you detailed information about the thought that goes into drapery design, fabrication, and motorization that might help designers, and potential clients get a better handle on the costs of having custom window treatments made for the home. Read the rest of this entry »


“Like so much else in life, luxury is relative. When it comes to interior design, the concept is often invoked, but its meaning can take many forms.” These words for ELLEDECOR Magazine’s “Luxury Survey” have made us reflect on what luxury means to us. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner there is no better time to delve into the concept of luxury.

Probably most homeowners would agree with ELLEDECOR’s findings that 68% of respondents said “quality beats everything else in determining what constitutes true luxury.” However, that begs the question: What is quality?

Is quality using high-end materials? Great craftsmanship? Is it exclusivity or brand recognition? Obviously these things play a role in quality but for quality to truly lend itself to luxury we argue there is an additional element. True luxury is a feeling. It is personal and should make you feel special! So, luxurious touches might be a certain fabric that transforms when upholstered onto your great-grandmothers chair or turns a plain window into something extraordinary with window treatments. It might be the addition of badly needed accessories or a lush rug that defines your space and pulls a room together. When these things make you feel something special we have taken quality and turned it into luxury!

Call us when you are ready for a touch of luxury in your life!

Practical and Beautiful Window Treatments for the Florida Sun

With the bright sunshine and hot temperatures of our climate here in Naples, Florida, a well-designed window treatment is essential not only for creating a beautiful living space, but for practical reasons as well.

Window Fashions - Practical and Beautiful

Privacy, energy efficiency, light control and UV protection for your furnishings are all important considerations for a properly designed window treatment. Of course it has to look great too!

The quality and amount of light can affect the entire feel and mood of a room, and bring out the colors of your furnishings.  At the same time, selecting the right window fashions will help you achieve exactly the degree of privacy you’re looking for, from any exposure, any time of day.

In Naples, especially in the summer, we need to use our window fashions to harness solar energy in a way that lets in the right amount of light, while keeping the heat under control.

One of my favorite recent developments in window fashions is part blind/part shade/part sheer drapery, providing the best qualities of all three. Two pieces of sheer fabric are used with fabric vanes that can be adjusted to provide the exact amount of filtered light and privacy desired. When pulled up, the entire shade is hidden by a color-coordinated headrail.  A variety of colors are available for both vanes and sheer fabrics, which are easily cleaned with soap and water.  The ultimate in beauty and practicality!


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