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Holiday Hospitality: Mood Lighting

Life is a whirl-wind right now and our little office is so busy! We had good intentions with this series of hospitality helps but the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is rapidly disappearing. Sometimes even among the buzz of holidays and crowds a small change, a flick of the switch even, can make all of the difference. Today we want to talk lighting.

Planning a party involves so many things; the menu, the guest list, the right mix of music, in all of the bustle don’t forget to make a plan for your lighting! Lighting can make the biggest difference at your party and there are a few things to think through. When you stop and consider your lighting, think through how you want people to feel as well as how your party will function. Different types of lighting have different purposes and should be considered in your overall lighting plan. You have indirect/overhead lighting (think chandeliers and ceiling lights), task lighting (this would be pendant lighting over counters and bar areas) and accent lighting (decorative lamps and wall sconces) to work with. Having your lights on dimmers can be quite helpful but if that is not the case you can still play with what you have to find the right mix for your shin-dig.

Below are some fun and festive lighting fixtures that show examples of each type of lighting.

Overhead Indirect Lighting:

indirect 3indirect 2


chandelier 3





























Task Lighting:

pendant 3pendant 2pendant

















Accent Lighting:

accent lamp 2accent lamp 1Wall sconce 2
































As always, if you are ready for a fresh look and need a hand, give us a call!

Ready for the Holidays: The Bar Cart

Tis the season for all things holiday hosting related! Whether you play host to family or friends (not that these groups are mutually exclusive), in-town or out of town guests, a house full of kids or an evening full of cocktails, hospitality is the name of the game. For the next few weeks we will provide you with helpful hostess tips so you can pull off the perfect party and maintain your sanity. To start off we present the bar cart!

The bar cart is making a come back! It is a great way to gather drinks in one area and (literally) cart them to an area where your guests can help themselves. Keeping it well stocked ensures a carefree party so that you can concentrate on other things, like you guests! With the variety of carts available, there is certainly one out there to fit your style and party needs. Between parties the cart can stay stocked for the random holiday cocktail visit or decorated with family photos and cozy memorabilia. Here are some of our favs!


bar cart

 Butler Bar Cart 1bar cart - gold bar cart - sea foam green

Do you need help finding just the right bar cart? Give us a call!

Decorating Den Gift Cards!

Give the perfect gift this holiday season — the gift of a bright, lovely, well-designed home! Do you have someone on your list who has everything? Maybe there’s someone in your life who has been talking about finding the perfect rug, creating a dining room that works, redoing their window treatments, or complaining about the way their couches don’t exactly fit in their living room. Give the gift of interior design!

What would this gift include? Well, it comes in increments of $100 or $500, and the card may be used for customized design, products that fit your family member’s need perfectly, or installation services. As we meet with the person on your Christmas list, we will discuss together their needs and unique stylistic tendencies, coming up with a plan that fits them perfectly. What are a few more reasons to choose to give the gift of a Decorating Den gift card this holiday season?

1. Your gift card will be an experience. When we meet, your family member or close friend will enjoy the experience of customized design, quality products, superior service as well as professional and creative ideas.

2. Your gift card will result in a truly unique home. As we seek to help the gift card recipient improve the overall look and feel of their home, a unique quality emerges. Add to that, many of our products are built and created to our own specifications, resulting in a truly personalized outcome.

3. Your gift card will lead to increased beauty and peace within a home. Our goal is to create an uncluttered, peaceful environment that perfectly reflects the style and needs of the home’s inhabitants. What gift could be better for the people on your list? It is a gift that lasts for many years to come.

As you ponder how to give this holiday season, consider a gift card to Decorating Den. Our team is so passionate about partnering with our clients to create a lovely and satisfying home environment and experience. Give us a call — we would love to chat!

Decorating Your Home for the Holidays!

“There’s no place like home for the holidays!” We have all heard this opening line from the popular Christmas song. How is that line reflected in your home? As you run around town, busy as busy can be, what is it like to come home to your own house right now? Is your house ready for the holidays?

Maybe you are throwing a party in the next few days, maybe you are having family in on Christmas Eve, maybe your children are coming home from college for two or three weeks. Whatever the case might be, we want to be there for you! Here is how we can help you at Decorating Den:

1. Full-service design and installation. We offer full service design and decorating for Christmas. Have your lights installed, your tree up, and your entire home ready to go in a matter of a few hours or several days (depending upon the size of your home). No matter where you are in life or what your needs might be, we want to partner together to get you and your family ready for the holidays.

2. Design consultation. We come to you and help you set up your home in the best way possible. Do you want to make sure your 9 foot tree is seen and enjoyed in the best light possible? Are you throwing a party and considering the flow of the rooms that contain holiday decor? Let us come to you for an afternoon to consult with you and create an even lovelier home.

3. Tips tips tips. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for design tips and tricks this holiday season. We want to keep you informed, up to date, and aware of everything we are doing and trends we see pop up in the interior design realm. Connect with us, ask us questions, and share your conundrums when it comes to holiday decor. We will be there for YOU!

Reasonable Last minute requests are no problem — we will do our best to fit you into our schedule. And sometimes we can work Elf-Magic…

Give us a call. We would love to hear from you! Happy Holidays!

Decorating Den

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