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“Like so much else in life, luxury is relative. When it comes to interior design, the concept is often invoked, but its meaning can take many forms.” These words for ELLEDECOR Magazine’s “Luxury Survey” have made us reflect on what luxury means to us. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner there is no better time to delve into the concept of luxury.

Probably most homeowners would agree with ELLEDECOR’s findings that 68% of respondents said “quality beats everything else in determining what constitutes true luxury.” However, that begs the question: What is quality?

Is quality using high-end materials? Great craftsmanship? Is it exclusivity or brand recognition? Obviously these things play a role in quality but for quality to truly lend itself to luxury we argue there is an additional element. True luxury is a feeling. It is personal and should make you feel special! So, luxurious touches might be a certain fabric that transforms when upholstered onto your great-grandmothers chair or turns a plain window into something extraordinary with window treatments. It might be the addition of badly needed accessories or a lush rug that defines your space and pulls a room together. When these things make you feel something special we have taken quality and turned it into luxury!

Call us when you are ready for a touch of luxury in your life!

Mid-Century Modern

Hi, all! It has been quite busy around the studio but we are starting the year off strong! This month’s issue of Your Home magazine featured our article on Mid-century modern style. This link takes you to the online version of the magazine where you can peruse at your leisure. Our next article will be featured in March and will cover Asian influences on style. As always, our aim is to share industry trends and give you ways to take your home from “now” to “wow”! Give us a call if you need help with the “wow” factor!


mid-century mod

High Point Review

The Fall High Point Market was a few weeks ago and boy do we have some fun things to share! High Point is the place we go to see the latest and greatest from our vendors. Here are some trends we noticed during market:

  • Mid-century modern is making a statement in a big way.
  • Metallics are holding steady in the mix of deep, rich colors. Think deep jewel tones mixed with brass and copper.
  • Large scale prints are all over the place, so are velvets!

Here are some fun pics from the trip (yes, a picture with Barclay Butera was a highlight!).

Trend Spotter: The Garden Stool

Stool - styled  What’s not to love about the garden stool? Practical and eye catching at the same time, this little piece is a hot item! It comes in every color imaginable and so, so many styles. Garden stools are an extremely affordable way to add a bit of whimsy, that pop of color, a bit of charm…really, just about any style you are aiming for can be found in a garden stool! Here are some that we love (notice our obsession with metallics lives on)!

    metalic garden stool stool - Blue Stool - yellow Stool - Melon Stool - Gold Stool- Metallic

Are you looking for just the right garden stool and needing help to pull together a style that works for you? Give us a call!

Holiday Hospitality: Mood Lighting

Life is a whirl-wind right now and our little office is so busy! We had good intentions with this series of hospitality helps but the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is rapidly disappearing. Sometimes even among the buzz of holidays and crowds a small change, a flick of the switch even, can make all of the difference. Today we want to talk lighting.

Planning a party involves so many things; the menu, the guest list, the right mix of music, in all of the bustle don’t forget to make a plan for your lighting! Lighting can make the biggest difference at your party and there are a few things to think through. When you stop and consider your lighting, think through how you want people to feel as well as how your party will function. Different types of lighting have different purposes and should be considered in your overall lighting plan. You have indirect/overhead lighting (think chandeliers and ceiling lights), task lighting (this would be pendant lighting over counters and bar areas) and accent lighting (decorative lamps and wall sconces) to work with. Having your lights on dimmers can be quite helpful but if that is not the case you can still play with what you have to find the right mix for your shin-dig.

Below are some fun and festive lighting fixtures that show examples of each type of lighting.

Overhead Indirect Lighting:

indirect 3indirect 2


chandelier 3





























Task Lighting:

pendant 3pendant 2pendant

















Accent Lighting:

accent lamp 2accent lamp 1Wall sconce 2
































As always, if you are ready for a fresh look and need a hand, give us a call!

Ready for the Holidays: The Bar Cart

Tis the season for all things holiday hosting related! Whether you play host to family or friends (not that these groups are mutually exclusive), in-town or out of town guests, a house full of kids or an evening full of cocktails, hospitality is the name of the game. For the next few weeks we will provide you with helpful hostess tips so you can pull off the perfect party and maintain your sanity. To start off we present the bar cart!

The bar cart is making a come back! It is a great way to gather drinks in one area and (literally) cart them to an area where your guests can help themselves. Keeping it well stocked ensures a carefree party so that you can concentrate on other things, like you guests! With the variety of carts available, there is certainly one out there to fit your style and party needs. Between parties the cart can stay stocked for the random holiday cocktail visit or decorated with family photos and cozy memorabilia. Here are some of our favs!


bar cart

 Butler Bar Cart 1bar cart - gold bar cart - sea foam green

Do you need help finding just the right bar cart? Give us a call!

Trendspotter: Industrial Chic

The Industrial look is making a come back and is ready to  revolutionize your home. Now, if you are having visions of your warm and inviting space turning cold and sterile – never fear! This Industrial Revolution has been given a bit of chic style that has transformed from cold and impersonal to clean and sleek and full of personality.

Start incorporating this look into your own home by adding things like seating, accessories, coffee tables, side tables/storage, and of course, lighting!










mini light

stool 2table




















coffee table 2coffee table 1










light fixture rusty clock light light fix








Mesh light fixture




















































Do you need help finding industrial looking items to add to your chic look? Give us a call!

A blast of color!

Color can transform a space from “Eh” to “Wow”! We have been pinning lots of fun color schemes lately. Here are some color blasts that we are crushing on.

Amazing how funky, bold wallpaper transforms the classic kitchen to something unique!


Painting the back of these bookshelves blue distinguishes the accessories and adds so much to this office.

Grouping like colored things also adds some interest to a space. (Fun note: This is book wallpaper)

This traditional looking navy blue is lightened up with white stripes (or is the crisp white toned down by the navy?)















Follow us on Pinterest to see what else we love. Whether your color style is bold or subdued, if you need help with color in your home call us for a free consultation.



Take It One Room at a Time

Buying a new (or used, dated) home is overwhelming in and of itself. Getting to that closing date takes a lot of work, energy, and (dare I say?) a few tears. After purchasing the home or condominium, though, you will begin to realize that your work has just begun. Decorating a home to your taste does not have to be a long, arduous process. Just take it one room at a time.

Taking your home’s decor one room at a time takes discipline, but depending upon your budget, this can be an important and necessary ideal. Why? Well, here are just a few of the many compelling reasons to decorate slowly.

1. Going room by room, making wise decisions as you go, ensures that you will get exactly what you want out of your home. Your home will serve your purposes and meet your goals. Rather than choosing to do everything at once, you will be able to think through each one of your rooms independently of the other, answering the question, “What do I want this room to accomplish?”

2. Taking things one room at a time will provide you with the opportunity to invest in pieces rather than just getting by with affordable items. As you make the decision to address various rooms and decorate slowly, you will be able to plan for major purchases, investing in well-built couches that fit your frame and your needs, rugs that resist staining and can even be hosed off outside if some disaster occurs, and lovely, unique wall paper installed professionally.

3. Decorating slowly, room by room, requires an amount of discipline, meaning that you have to consider and decide upon a theme that must run throughout the entirety of the home. Though you may not get there overnight, your end goal — in terms of the look and the theme — must and shall remain consistent in order to achieve a unified existence.

As you decorate, you may or may not decide to take your home one room at a time — that is okay. We want to help you reach your end goals no matter what your time frame may be. Give us a call! We would love to listen and help support you as you decorate your new place!

Choosing an Interior Designer

You know your house needs some fresh eyes to take a look — some new ideas, cohesive designs, and a unique perspective. Giving your home what it needs might mean choosing an interior designer. What are some of the things that an interior designer does?

  • An interior designer provides comprehensive design advice for your home. An interior designer provides advice on placement of existing furniture and pieces. Additionally, he or she will offer you a better understanding of your own style, taste, and some suggestions for improving the look of your home.
  • An interior designer provides a plan. He or she will come up with a plan for your home that includes purchase of pieces and work that needs to be done (such as wallpapering or painting).
  • An interior designer executes the plan. He or she will purchase materials and furniture and oversee the work as it’s being done.

Choosing an Interior Designer

Yes, interior designers do all of these things. But, how does one choose an interior designer? What makes an interior designer great to work with? Here are just a few of the things I believe makes a great interior designer — this is how I operate my business; these are my values.

  • Choose an interior designer who listens. A great designer will listen to what YOU want and complete a plan that reflects your values, style, and taste. What do you envision? Your designer should be able to know and understand who you are and what you see for your home.
  • Choose an interior designer who will commit to staying within budget. Your designer should be ready, willing, and able to remain comfortably within your budget. If an unplanned expense arises, she will inform you immediately and come up with creative solutions to get back on track.
  • Choose an interior designer who will happily provide a long list of former clients who will serve as references. Any designer who has been in business will have lots of references happy to speak with prospective clients.
  • Choose an interior designer willing to do the leg work. No matter what  your budget, your interior designer should be willing to go the distance for you — finding the perfect piece to go in your home, following through with installation, and completing the work that needs to be done in the way that you have requested.

These are just a few of the things that make an interior designer great! Figures out what you love, and communicate it to your designer. Make sure she listens and executes the plan in a way that meets your needs and stays within budget. As always, feel free to contact me for a free consultation! I’d love to help you create your dream home!

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