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Defining Your Goals in the New Year

What are your goals for this new year? As 2012 draws to a close and we journey into the new year, what are a few things you would like to accomplish over the next 12 months? How do you plan to spend this year? More specifically, what are some things about your home you would like to improve upon? Each new year is an opportunity to begin again, to define the goals you have for your home (and your life), and push forward towards those goals.

Creating Realistic, Attainable Goals for Your Home

As we move together into the year 2013, here are just a few tips we have for creating a set of realistic, attainable goals for your home’s interiors:

1. Begin by prioritizing. If you are like most families, you could rapidly list off an extensive laundry list of home improvement tasks. The real task is not necessarily listing off the things you would like to do to your home — rather, it involves prioritizing these tasks from first to last. Think through the exact order, and discuss why this order is significant.

2. Create a home improvement budget. Yes, you might like to purchase new couches and select a rug for your living room, and you might also like to install light fixtures, wall paper, and new window treatments. How will you budget for these items? Plan for these improvements, and work towards saving for them by a specific date. That way, you will be able to clearly define how much you would like to spend on these items and by what date you would like to complete these projects.

3. Consult with a professional interior designer. Consider the possibility of consulting with a professional. An interior designer will be able to give you a realistic understanding of pricing and help you consider your overall style, as well as the overall direction you would like to take for your home’s interiors.

We would love to help you define your goals for your home in 2013 and assist you in accomplishing these goals. Give us a call for a free in-home consultation or with any questions you might have.

Tips for Staging a New Year’s Eve Party

It’s party time! After all, who doesn’t love a fabulous New Year’s Eve party? New Year’s Eve is less than a week away — are you planning to throw a party for your friends and family? Inviting lots of people into your home for a New Year’s Eve celebrating can be an overwhelming task. As you prepare for the big night, we would like to offer you a few tips from an interior design perspective.

Staging Your Party

Thinking through your home and the flow of the party is an important aspect of planning and executing the event. Aside from the tasks of providing the right amount of food and drinks, creating a theme, and planning any special aspects of the party (midnight toast, group game, dancing, etc.), it is vital to consider the way in which to create a positive party environment. Here are a few tips:

1. Before introducing any New Year’s Eve decor into your space, figure out the placing of your furniture. Be ready and willing to rearrange furniture in order that people are able to move and mix and mingle with other guests, access the food easily, and experience an array of spaces within your home.

2. Be ready to put some furniture away (in a bedroom or home office) in order to create a less cluttered look. When it comes to a larger party, less is more. Less furniture creates more open spaces and makes the party and room feel bigger.

3. Make sure to have enough available seating. While you most certainly do not want a cramped feel to the party, you also want to make seating available to guests when they need to sit down and enjoy some food or time off their feet.

4. Use small details to create a consistent look throughout the event. For example, purchase some plain, gold wrapping paper and cover several canvases with the paper. Replace framed art or photos around your house with the canvases you’ve created.

As you plan and prepare for your New Year’s Eve party, consider giving us a call to help you decorate your home and prepare for the party. We can help you create an interior environment conducive for a larger party.

Peace Within Your Home

There is no doubt about it — Christmas time and the holiday season is exceedingly busy. If you’re like most people, your days are packed to the brim. Holiday shopping, Christmas parties, school programs, preparing for upcoming travels,and many other commitments fill your time. Sleep is a luxury, and your house reflects a sense of stress. It seems impossible — and yet, imperative — to turn the currently harried place you call home into a stress free place of relaxation and peace during this joyous time of here. What are some practical ways to create a peace and joy-filled oasis in the midst of the holiday intensity? Today, we would like to offer you a few practical tips.

Tips for Maintaining a Peaceful Home

A peaceful home this time of year may seem like a distant dream, but today, you can take steps to make that dream into a reality. Here are a few tips from the team at Decorating Den:

1. Schedule and take the time to de-clutter. You have parties, your child’s school Christmas party, and your family gatherings on the calendar. Why not schedule time to organize and clean? As you make this activity a daily priority, it will eventually become second nature. Imagine walking into a clutter free home after a long, busy day filled with holiday activities. What a joy that would be!

2. Be careful not to over decorate. Sure, you may have boxes upon boxes of holiday decor filled with special items dating back to your childhood. That does not necessarily mean every single item needs to go out this year. If necessary, save a few items for next year, and place them around your home on a rotating basis.

3. Carve out a special place within your home in which you can go, sit, and enjoy several minutes’ peace and quiet. This may mean a comfortable, high quality chair in your walk-in closet. It may mean a wicker bench outdoors. Take the time to carve out this place, and perhaps more importantly, take five minutes per day to actually enjoy this space.

Create and maintain a peaceful and joy-filled home. It does not need to take long. Make this pursuit a priority this holiday season, and as always, if you need help, simply give us a call! We would love to assist you.

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