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Trendspotter: Unique Chandeliers

At Decorating Den, we seek to research the newest trends in interior design. As we explain these trends, where they come from, and the ways in which designers are incorporating this trend, we also desire to help you decide whether or not to employ these trends within your home’s interiors. Today, we bring you one popular design element that has certainly trended upwards in the past year, and will continue to do so in 2013 — unique, detailed chandeliers.

The Trend

Unique, detailed, extravagant chandeliers are being utilized and incorporated into interior design in many traditional — and non-traditional — ways. Chandeliers have become popular as kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room lighting. Using chandeliers in unexpected places have made the common things in life increasingly special and lovely.

Chandeliers provide a dramatic centerpiece for any room, and while traditionally used in foyers or dining areas, they are also designed for other rooms in the house. Chandeliers are available in all shapes and sizes, as well as a variety of styles (e.g. cottage, French country, modern, elegant, etc,).

To Use It or Not?

Strongly consider incorporating a chandelier in one of the rooms of your home. These types of pieces will set your home apart and create a dramatic, luminous design. Many chandeliers feature colored crystals, lovely glass orbs, simple, hammered metals, and other unique details. Select a bright, unexpected wall color for a smaller space, and include a relatively small chandelier within a smaller space, such as a powder room or utility room. You may also desire to incorporate a chandelier into an in-home studio or office space. Doing so creates a special, unique type of environment within an otherwise bland space.

For assistance in selecting the right chandelier for a space within your home, give us a call! We would love to come and assess how you might incorporate a lovely chandelier into your space.

Trendspotter: Pantone Color of the Year

As many of you are already aware, the 2013 Pantone Color of the Year is Emerald! This lovely, deep color is already making its way into the interior design world. Emerald green represents energy and traditional elegance — it’s color reflects many of the colors we view everyday in the natural world. What a wonderful choice for the brand new year! It’s applications are endless in both the world of fashion, graphics, and interior design. How is this elegant, beautiful color trend being incorporated into interior design? And what are a few ways to incorporate it into your home’s interiors?

Emerald in Interior Design

This color is being incorporated into furniture design, wallpaper designs, and accent furniture. As designers utilize emerald in their residential home interior designs, here are a few ways to incorporate this trend into your home.

1. Utilize an emerald print or solid for several throw pillows. If you have white or neutral colored couches, several emerald pillows paired with an emerald throw blanket can create an easy, unified look that reflects this fantastic trend.

2. Incorporate emerald into accents in your dining room. Purchase emerald inspired table coverings, emerald dishes, or emerald serving platters. This is a great way to give a nod to the trend without committing in full force.

3. Select emerald colored accent furniture. An emerald colored lucite chair or an emerald topped side table can be unique ways to incorporate the color of the year into your home’s interiors.

4. Paint a small room emerald. Though certainly a relatively big commitment, selecting an emerald tone for a smaller room, such as a guest bath or utility closet, can create pizzazz and interest where there previously may not have been interest or dramatic design.

Emerald will continue to make an appearance, particularly in art, graphics, and interior design this year. As you seek to incorporate it into your home, feel free to contact us for additional ideas!

Trendspotter: Eclectic Interiors

This year, your home will be about YOU! As you plan for various improvements to your home this year, we encourage you to follow our “Trendspotter” series, in which we explore and explain trends in interior design. We have written about personalized home interiors, and the ways in which manufacturers are giving increased choice and opportunities for personalization to interior designers and their clients. Certainly, this represents a fantastic trend in the world of interior design. Beyond this trend, though, is a movement towards an appreciation for eclectic viewpoints regarding interior design.

In terms of what designers are saying about 2013, many are taking varied viewpoints about what will trend upwards throughout the year. We recently came across a Wall Street Journal article in which many designers were asked what they felt would trend during 2013, and the results were varied: designers liked different things for the new year — a variety of color combinations, a variety of viewpoints regarding the use of color, different perspectives regarding trends in furniture, the increased use of glamorous “chinz,” the use of patterned flooring, and varied inclinations for what they believed clients would enjoy in the year ahead. In short, this term “eclectic,” when referring to interior design, means that anything goes! It provides for a level of freedom in terms of design and beauty.

What does this trend towards the eclectic mean for our Decorating Den clients? We continue to stay client centered, while researching these varied trends — we look into what other designers are doing, and what our vendors are developing. We seek to educate our clients on what various trends could mean for their home’s interiors, while maintaining a vision for consistency, elegance, beauty, and cohesiveness. While we continue to focus on clients’ personalities and stylistic preferences, we celebrate a sense of the eclectic, a love of patterns, and the use of color as a powerful tool. To us, this trend towards eclectic interiors and freedom in interior design validates what we continue to do on a daily basis: provide for our clients and reflect their needs and personalities within their own homes.

Trends in Color

As a design firm located in the heart of Southwest Florida, we desire to remain current on trends that range the gambit in interior design. Our goal is to continue to cultivate an understanding of what’s “hot” in the world of design so that we can best help our clients navigate the world of interiors in order to accomplish their own goals for their homes. As we help clients decipher interior design trends and define their goals, our objective is to create a unified, cohesive, and useful look that reflects the personality and style of our clients.

In terms of color, many interior design trends take their cue from the world of fashion. High fashion influences both graphic and interior design. Additionally, color has immense power within the home to evoke emotion, create a style, and offset the necessities within our homes. What, then, are a few of the trends in color within the interior design world, and what are a few of the ways in which they can influence the look and feel of any given home’s interiors?

Current Color Trends

  • A nod to the environment. Greens, grays, and navy all abound in the world of color. As a salute to the environmental movement, many pieces of furniture, color combinations, and manufacturers are favoring these types of colors as neutral palettes. The neutrals seen in nature appear as trends — evocative of the outdoor sensibility favored by so many right now.
  • Pops of colors. Within a rather neutral palette, many designers and vendors feature a smattering of pops of color. These bright additions lend themselves to placement within more neutral palettes, creating focal points within any given room. Bright pinks/magentas, greens, tangerines, and happy yellows make themselves easily known in this happy trend.
  • Throw pillow and paint incorporation. As you absorb these trends, consider adding them in small doses within a more traditional environment. Use an accent wall or several throw pillows to incorporate these trends within your home without centering your entire design theme around them.

As you consider the ways in which color plays an essential part in the life of your house, give us a call! We would love to help you create a consistent look that reflects your unique style and personality.

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