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The Look: Summer Chic

We have another article in Your Home Magazine! This link takes you to the online version of the magazine where you can peruse at your leisure. For the July issue we were asked to talk about summer style. Here in southwest Florida we embrace “summer chic” year round. Read the article below to find out how to pull this style together and prevent an overly “beachy” look. We aim to give our clients a cohesive look rather than matchy-matchy. If you need help with a summer chic look in your home give us a call!

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Trend Spotter: The Garden Stool

Stool - styled  What’s not to love about the garden stool? Practical and eye catching at the same time, this little piece is a hot item! It comes in every color imaginable and so, so many styles. Garden stools are an extremely affordable way to add a bit of whimsy, that pop of color, a bit of charm…really, just about any style you are aiming for can be found in a garden stool! Here are some that we love (notice our obsession with metallics lives on)!

    metalic garden stool stool - Blue Stool - yellow Stool - Melon Stool - Gold Stool- Metallic

Are you looking for just the right garden stool and needing help to pull together a style that works for you? Give us a call!

A blast of color!

Color can transform a space from “Eh” to “Wow”! We have been pinning lots of fun color schemes lately. Here are some color blasts that we are crushing on.

Amazing how funky, bold wallpaper transforms the classic kitchen to something unique!


Painting the back of these bookshelves blue distinguishes the accessories and adds so much to this office.

Grouping like colored things also adds some interest to a space. (Fun note: This is book wallpaper)

This traditional looking navy blue is lightened up with white stripes (or is the crisp white toned down by the navy?)















Follow us on Pinterest to see what else we love. Whether your color style is bold or subdued, if you need help with color in your home call us for a free consultation.



Incorporating Existing Pieces into Home Design

As an interior designer, I typically come to your home to meet with you for an initial consultation. One of the many questions I ask clients when they invite me into their homes for the very first time is: “What about your home do you love?” In the same vein, I typically ask, “What pieces that are already here do you love and desire to keep?” The answers to these questions are very important. When I am able to find out what my clients love about their homes and what pieces within their homes they love, this information provides direction in terms of style preferences, overall vision, and insight into their desired outcome.

One of the many misconceptions regarding professional interior design services is the idea that when you hire a designer, you are committing to getting rid of all of your existing furniture and performing a complete overhaul. That is not necessarily true, and certainly depends upon the individual, couple, or family living within the home itself. Many times (more often than not, in fact), the most successful design concepts are built around the pieces that clients desire to keep. Here are just a few examples of an existing piece or element within the home that can provide a foundation for design:

1. Family heirlooms handed down. Maybe you have a chair from your grandmother’s living room or a set of dishes that belonged to your husband’s great grandmother. This can provide a helpful direction or color palette for a cohesive interior design plan.

2. Beloved pieces of furniture. An important piece of furniture, such as a desk or headboard, that you want to keep can give a room direction or stability.

3. Existing design elements. Your house may have a unique nook or cranny or some other stylistic element that you adore. Maybe you really enjoy being in some portion of your house and want that sensibility carried on through the remaining rooms. What a great foundation upon which to build!

As we meet with you and walk throughout the rooms of your house, many elements and pieces can be used to build a cohesive look and feel. We can’t wait to learn more about the things that you love!

Pretty alone does not cut it – Design needs to work for my clients!!

Muffy Gill Funky Flamingo Studio Smiling

Muffy Gill is all smiles in her newly-designed Funky Flamingo Studio.

Steve Jobs, the brilliant businessman, designer and inventor who passed in 2011 said, “Design is a funny word.   Some people think design means how it looks.   But of course, if you dig deeper, it’s really how it works.”   (Wired magazine, Feb., 1996.)

Claudia Leah of Decorating Den in Naples likes that quote because it sums up her design philosophy.   She truly listens to her clients and works with them to create spaces that are both beautiful and functional.

“Job’s design idea came after going to a kitchen appliance store.   He was drawn to brands that had a very clean, stainless steel look,” says Claudia.  “He liked that look and started introducing it into his own designs.   He switched to black, white and silver.  His laptops kept getting thinner and thinner.   They kept getting sleeker and more functional.

“That same theory can be applied to the interior design field.  Good design is not just about being pretty.    Rooms must also allow for the traffic pattern and usage.  For instance, a couch in the middle of the room might look good in a magazine, but if there’s no place to plug in a lamp to read it’s not functional,” Claudia explains.

Claudia recently helped a local artist, Muffy Clark Gill, redesign her Funky Flamingo Studio, where she creates beautiful batik art.  This is a good example where function outweighed beauty.

Working with a limited budget Claudia created a workspace and storage area that fit Muffy’s needs as a busy artist.   There are cupboards, shelves and storage bins to hold all Muffy’s artist’s supplies and large uncluttered work areas where she can work more relaxed.

“I needed space to store all my stuff,” says Muffy.  “Claudia came up with a perfect arrangement that has increased its utility and made me very happy.   It’s now the studio of my dreams.”

Claudia is very straightforward with her clients because she knows what works and what doesn’t work.   Tactfully she points out the pitfalls of their own decorating ideas if they’re not practical for the space.

“When the project is completed I want my client to say, “I’m so glad I followed your advice.   My space looks beautiful and it’s completely functional too.”

Claudia (left) and Muffy (right) show off the new and improved studio.

Funky Flamingo Studio before makeover.

Decorating Den

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