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Trends in Style

As we seek to help our clients create the homes of their dreams, our own desire is to continue pursuing excellence in the world of design. Throughout the life of our interior design firm, we stay on top of trends, educate ourselves on vendor developments, and seek to put together plans that truly meet the needs of our clients. As such, we are continuing our series on “Trends” for the 2012-2013 season. Today, we will be sharing some style trends with you in order that you may make informed decisions about which trends to incorporate — and which trends to forego in favor of classic, tried and true design principles.

Trends in Style

Before we put these trends in front of you, it is important to define the word “Style.” Style can point to many things, however, it encompasses both the type of look you are going for in your home, as well as the small details that draw everything together. For example, the Mediterranean style is very popular in the Southwest Florida area, and Mediterranean details can run throughout these types of homes. These details include tropical artwork, greens and burnt reds, and natural materials, such as tiles and clay pottery. As we explore various stylistic trends, here are a few of the elements we have noticed:

  • Revival of the 70s. The 1970s have made a retro appearance in our vendors’ repertoire. Clean furniture lines, tufted leather, glass furniture, and chrome pieces have continued to represent the “next big thing” in terms of style.
  • Personalization. For those who desire to create a unified, high quality interior look within their home, a very high percentage of those people also desire to use their home’s interiors to display various aspects of their personality and personal history. This type of stylization seeks to express something unique about the home’s owner.
  • Mixed metals. The creation of a unified look using a variety of types of metal, particularly when paired with mirrors, is trending this season.

How will you incorporate these trends in your home?

How to Avoid Costly Decorating Mistakes: Haste Makes Waste

When it comes to interior decorating the old adage is true: haste makes waste.

Claudia Leah multi tasking interior designer

Claudia with just a few of her multitude of interior designer resource books

Homeowners, in their enthusiasm to decorate (or redecorate) their home, rush through the process helter-­‐skelter and end up frustrated and dissatisfied.

“They make costly mistakes trying to do it on their own, running around to different stores, spending money on items that end up not fitting in the room or not complementing their space. They just don’t plan ahead,” says Claudia Leah of Decorating Den in Naples.

Claudia has been in the decorating business for over 12 years and knows how to take the guesswork and stress out of decorating. Her first appointment with a new client focuses on getting to know them, their lifestyle, their décor taste and their budget. She then educates them and helps them develop a plan, showing them where to start and how to build on those basics.

Working with a laptop Claudia creates a floor plan and a color palette. Next she helps them decide what to do and in what order. She guides them through the process, helping them choose quality furniture, beautiful fabrics, the perfect window treatments, area rugs and accessories to finish their rooms.

“If the husband is involved, I make sure they are both on the same page and understand the exact costs so there are no surprises,” says Claudia.

As a franchise with over 400 design studios in the U.S., Decorating Den works with all the top, name-­‐brand suppliers and is located in a Naples, FL showroom with samples and swatches that can’t be beat. From the planning and measuring to the final installation, Claudia oversees each project from start to finish.

“My satisfaction comes when everything is complete and I see the smiles on my client’s faces,” says Claudia.

Working with Decorating Den saves the customer money because every purchase is well-­‐planned. The customer avoids the stress that comes with decorating on their own. Decorating Den does all the work so the homeowner can relax and enjoy beautiful Southwest Florida. Isn’t that why they moved here in the first place?

One might expect to pay a premium for such design services, but Claudia charges no consultation fee or hourly rate when the customer makes recommended purchases through Decorating Den.

“We truly listen to the problem, then provide a unique solution that is on time and on budget, with benefits tailored exactly to the client’s needs. We get chosen based on the value we bring to the project, not for the lowest price” says Claudia. “You cannot put a price tag on Peace of Mind”.

HOT OFF THE INTERIOR DESIGN PRESS: Impressions from the August 2011 Las Vegas Market

Come with us on YouTube to hear HGTV’s Monica Pedersen talk trends and new products she discovered at Las Vegas Market, August 1-5, 2011. I had the pleasure of meeting Monica in person at this year’s spring market and always enjoy her upbeat presentations. Oh, and I am especially excited that most of her showcased selections are from Decorating Den Interiors’ Preferred Vendor network – so give us a call for that “Must Have” Item for your Naples or Marco Island Home!!

Las Vegas Market Update 8/2011 – Monica Pedersen

Decorating Den

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